Our Successful Constructions Project in Sudia Arabia

We Have Been Working Sinc'1977

Our project In Madina Munawara

civil works, public health work,Decorative gipsum board
falls celling, waterproofing Bitumen membrane fixing

Madina Road Jeddha

civil works, decorative gipsum board & falls celling,some
public health and waterproofing Bitumen memebrane
fixing, Flower boxes

civil works, public health ,decorative gipsum board , falls celling waterproofing Bitumen membrane fixing

civil works, public health decorative gipsum board ,falls celling waterproofing Bitumen membrane fixing, basement ,roof, and washrooms & flower boxes.

civil works public health , rooms curtness ,decorative
gipsum board , falls celling ,carpating and flooring

civil works , public health ,decorative gipsum board ,falls celling (Dempa)carpating and flooring

civil works ,public health ,decorative gipsum board & falls celling(Dempa), carpating and flooring& chemical works, and fixing wall papper's

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